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Why your business MUST join the conversation
in order to survive and thrive in the future!

eRiver Social Media Marketing is an independent marketing firm based in the Chicago area. We use the latest social media marketing strategies to create and capture more leads for your company to help your business grow. Some of the services we offer include reputation management, Twitter marketing, video marketing, Facebook marketing, SEO, lead capture systems, customer follow-up systems, and much more.

One thing in business today is clear, the consumer mindset has changed significantly. It is no longer acceptable to bombard your customers with messages without offering them something of insight and value in return for doing business with your company. It is now a foregone conclusion in the business world: Television, Newspaper and Phone book ads are going to be obsolete soon.

Video has been shown to improve conversion rates dramatically for businesses. When the personality of you and your business comes through, you develop a deep, emotional bond with customers that turns them into raving fans! Also, with our proprietary software we use when you work with eRiver, we are able to get those videos MASSIVE EXPOSURE in front of your perfect target audience. Simply put, you will have an unfair advantage that will drive laser targeted customers to you that are ready to interact and BUY.

More and more consumers are finding products and services online, and the numbers will only increase over the next 5 years. That is a fact! Think about how you found us?

  • If you don't have a social media strategy, how will customers find you?
  • Once they find your company, are you offering them a compelling reason to do business with you to keep them engaged and buying from you exclusively?
  • Once you have them engaged, are you using the proper tactics to convert that engagement into action and sales?

Using the internet to make more money for your business is simple if you have the proper tools and strategy to close more sales.

The simple formula is this: Make sure your target audience finds you, interact with them and provide valuable content and insight, capture their information properly, and make sure you have a follow up system to market to them.

What would it mean for you and your business if you could have a virtual marketing department doing all of this on your behalf for you? Would it mean you could spend more time working on your actual business and what you do best? Would it mean you could spend less time working, and more time with your family? Would it mean you could INCREASE SALES AND MAKE MORE MONEY?

The simple answer to all of those is YES! That is where eRiver can help you grow your business. With our services and expertise, we provide a complete marketing system that will drive more traffic to your business, capture more customer leads, interact appropriately with those leads, and follow up automatically with video, social media, and other text and e-mail systems to CLOSE MORE SALES FOR YOUR COMPANY.

Marketing has become so much more than just overpaying for expensive ads that don't work. Itís about delivering quality content, increasing value for your customers, and getting BETTER results in return!

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